Theory in a Box

Here's what students are saying about Theory in a Box

“Theory in a Box was the perfect tool to help me learn the music theory I needed to greatly improve my musical talents.  The ability to work at my own pace and the intuitiveness and educational value of Theory in a Box are its strongest points.  I highly enjoyed using Theory in a Box and recommend it to anyone who wants to begin to learn music theory.”

-Henry Landis, middle-school percussion student

“This course was very helpful with my overall understanding of music. It was a very good addition to my private lessons. I was able to better understand what my instructor was teaching. It also made me appreciate how complex and wonderful and beautiful the world of music is.”

-Reggie Browne, adult flute student

“The moment I became a Theory in a Box student, something great happened. You made it possible for me to dive into the realm of music theory and love every minute of it. I profoundly believe this is the best place to learn music online.”

-Olgierd Minkiewicz, musician/dancer/filmmaker

“Theory in a Box is going very well and the response from students has been all positive! I am enjoying the ease of the teacher's accessibility to the program.”

-Eva Kendrick, music theory instructor, Community Music Center of Boston

“Theory in a Box was an easily accessible way for me to learn music theory, and is also a good review for anyone who knows most of the content.”

-Nina Wade, middle school violin student

“Theory in a Box was so fun! It made me want to sit down and do more theory work!”

-Eric Gibson, University of Florida student

“As the International Baccalaureate coordinator for my high school, I had the freedom to watch the music instructor use Theory in a Box with her students. I think it is a very thorough and easy to use program.”

-Kristine Reeths, administrator, Muskegon High School (Michigan)

“It was an easy to use course and I feel it did a great job in preparing me for music theory in college.”

-Nic Cabiness, University of Florida freshman

“Third Street Music School Settlement is incorporating Theory in a Box into the curriculum of its beginning music theory classes this year.  The interactive program brings key concepts of music theory to life for students from the ages of eight to 80 through animation, audio clips and excerpts from familiar musical works.  It is fun and truly instructive at the same time.”

-Nancy Morgan, director of school and community partnerships,
Third Street Music School Settlement (New York, NY)

“I knew I had a real lack when it came to music theory, other than the rudiments. This course provided me with an easy and accessible way to fill in the gaps in my learning. It really helped me to better understand the musical concepts I was getting from my instructor.”

-James DePaiva, adult guitar student

“I recently completed my first semester using Theory in a Box with my students. They enjoyed using the software and felt that they learned a lot. Everything went as smoothly as I could have hoped for and I'm happy to say that we plan to continue to use it in our future classes. You have done a great job in creating a useful teaching tool!”

-Dr. Troy Gifford, Music Department Chair,
Valencia Community College (Orlando, FL)

“Theory in a Box motivated me to study music theory and provided great tools with which to learn. Each chapter was crafted so that it incorporated skills learned in previous chapters.”

-Tai Bendit-Shtull, high school percussion student

“Theory in a Box was helpful and easy to learn from, but was hard enough so I didn't get bored.”

-Liana Chow, Third Street Music School Settlement student

“I liked everything in Theory in a Box. I think it is a great tool for learning. It makes theory more fun to learn. Will there will be a level 2?”

-Ling Lopez, college voice student

“I found the course to be of high quality in that it was well produced and presented its material in a compact yet learnable way such that it was appropriate to quite young as well as the aged among us. It filled in an important niche in my musical knowledge which I might otherwise not have gotten.”

-Norman Ford, adult violin student

“Theory in a Box definitely helped me in my theory knowledge. I know it will help me in the future. Thank you!”

-Ashley Salyer, middle school piano and viola student

“It helped me review some things I had forgotten, and taught me some things that I had seen in music, but never understood.”

-Nazir Khan, high school piano student

“I found Theory in a Box a very fun way to review my music theory. It is very well coordinated and I had a lot of fun doing the program.”

-Olivia Rivera, middle school cello student

“I found Theory in a Box to be very interesting and well organized! It was a great way for me to learn basic theory - I hope there will be a Theory in a Box 2!!!!”

-Olivia Briffault, high school oboe student

“I think Theory in a Box is an awesome online tool which makes music theory accessible to everyone!”

-John Mangual, adult jazz piano student