Theory in a Box
Theory in a Box School Edition TiaB iMac

Theory in a Box School Edition offers a thorough and affordable solution for teaching music theory at community arts schools, school and college music departments, and other educational organizations. Using lessons, musical examples, audio and video, worksheets, and interactive practice tools, all packaged in a beautiful and easy-to-use online interface, Theory in a Box is an ideal component of a classroom music course.

Tools for Teachers

Theory in a Box School Edition provides a teacher interface allowing instructors to monitor their students' progress, give guided assignments, and keep track of areas where they may need extra attention. An administrative interface includes tools for creating and maintaining student and faculty accounts, monitoring progress school-wide, and setting other preferences.

A Sophisticated Quiz and Exam System

Theory in a Box offers an advanced system of practice quizzes and exams in each topic area to ensure that students have a solid grasp of the material covered. Quizzes and exams take a well-rounded approach with three question types: multiple choice, true/false, and listening. During practice quizzes, students receive explanations for questions answered incorrectly, complete with notated musical examples, allowing them to sharpen their skills for that topic's exam. Student progress in both practice quizzes and exams, including details of questions answered correctly and incorrectly, is saved and available through the Theory in a Box teacher and administrative interfaces. This feature allows teachers and administrators to target extra attention and tutoring to concepts that may prove difficult for their students.



Please contact us or call 212-663-6021, ext. 250 for more information on implementing Theory in a Box in your school, college, or other institution.


Compatible with Mac, Windows, and most mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. High-speed internet connection recommended.

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