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As teachers, we all know theory is an important part of music study. It gives students a greater understanding of the music they play and ultimately leads to greater musical enjoyment and achievement. Many teachers, however, struggle to find enough time to focus on music theory in the private studio lesson. The answer is here with Theory in a Box, an all-original and high-quality online music theory course.

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Using lessons, notated musical examples, audio and video clips, worksheets, and interactive practice tools, all packaged in a beautiful and easy-to-use online interface, Theory in a Box can be used as a convenient at-home component of the studio lesson experience or as an independent study. A powerful teacher interface allows private instructors to monitor their students’ progress, give guided assignments, and keep track of areas where they may need extra attention.

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Recommended for ages 10-adult. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and most mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. High-speed internet connection recommended.


$75 per student for Theory in a Box Studio Affiliates

Theory in a Box Studio Affiliate Program

The Theory in a Box Studio Affiliate Program enables private music teachers to increase the value and effectiveness of their teaching by offering Theory in a Box to their students at a discounted rate. After a brief application process, Affiliates will receive a teacher account with an interface for monitoring Theory in a Box progress within their studio, as well as a referral code to distribute to their students, who will receive the discounted Studio rate upon registration. At $75 for an entire high-quality course, Theory in a Box Studio is an excellent value for any music student!

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate:

How do I get started?

If you would like to use Theory in a Box for your teaching studio, please email us or call 212-663-6021, ext. 30 for more information on becoming a Theory in a Box Studio Affiliate.

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